Rewards Imagined by Community of Editors

RICE is the first contest run by the AMV Sashimi Discord server.
You must be a verified member of the server to participate in RICE.
If you are not already in the server, you can use this invite link to join:

RICE is a contest made by editors, for editors.
The categories are decided on during the contest, only after all entries have been received. There can be standard categories and/or custom ones. What videos apply to which categories are voted on by everyone who has entered into the contest.
Likewise, the winners of those categories are also voted on by those same people. This means that RICE has no judge panel. The only people who vote, review, and judge entries to the contest are the editors who submitted something to it.

Categories and Prizes

  • Best Overall Video has a prize of 100 USD.
    This is the only guaranteed recurring category and it can be renamed if there are enough votes for a custom name.
  • The “Wild Prize” is 25 USD and assigned by vote to a category after submission has closed.
    This prize is unattached to a category when the contest begins. Once entry submission has closed and the initial categories have been submitted, but before any videos are voted into any categories, entrants will vote on which category should have this 25 USD prize. The prize can be voted/assigned to any category except the theme and best video categories.
  • The Themed Category has a prize of 25 USD.
    The theme is changed every year and announced once the submission form opens, which is approximately one month before the submission deadline. The theme reveal is on the actual submission form, not this page.
    Contestants vote on which videos apply to the theme during the video assignment phase. However, the winner of this particular category is chosen by the coordinator from that resulting pool. All other categories are won strictly by popular vote from the contestants with no coordinator input.
    Participation in the theme is optional and has no bearing on the other awards.
  • Five (5) Other Categories, as voted on by contestants.
  • Every winner of every category will be emailed an award certificate in pdf form for at-home printing if they wish.


Video Entry Rules

  • You can submit up to 2 videos.
  • Your video must be Safe For Work.
    Some flexibility of interpretation is okay, but use the USA’s PG-13 MPAA rating and/or the “16” rating used by other countries for movies and games as a guide. No porn, no excessively vulgar song lyrics, no excessive gore.
    If you have any questions, feel free to DM Vars#3616 on discord.
  • Your video can be anything, as long as it was edited by you.
    Any video and audio source is acceptable. It doesn’t have to be anime or even animated. Maybe you couldn’t even really call it a music video. As long as you edited this thing, you can enter it.
    Unfortunately, this also means we don’t accept MEPs or collabs.
  • Blind judging is a central component of RICE, so videos must not identify you.
    The video you create must not have been posted online publicly, and must not have been seen in a finished state by any other participants of the contest, to the best of your knowledge.
    RICE is semi-exclusive. You can submit your video to other places, as long as it’s reasonably certain the other participants won’t see it and/or know it was made by you until RICE voting ends, which is approximately one month after the submission deadline.
    2021 is RICE’s first year and we are small. You won’t be disqualified if your video isn’t exclusive this year, but please make a good faith attempt to keep your video secret from AMV Sashimi members who wish to participate in RICE.
  • Videos should not contain any elements that may identify the editor or the copyright holder of the original sources.
    Submissions should not contain subtitles, company logos, TV watermarks, etc., unless they were an intentional inclusion for artistic/comedic purposes and do not attempt to identify the editor/studio.
  • Submissions must be at least 30 seconds and no longer than 5 minutes in length.
  • Submissions must be in mp4 format.
  • Submissions should be 200MB or less.
    This will not disqualify you if you cannot hit it. But please try.
    All entrants must download all submitted videos. The size adds up quickly and not everyone has high speed internet. Trying to limit your filesize is a courtesy to others. You can use tools like Zarx264gui, Handbrake, Adobe Media Encoder, etc., to help limit filesize. Please don’t hesitate to ask in #editing-help if you’d like assistance in encoding your files.


How It Works / Schedule

December – Initial notification of the contest, release of the basic rules and info for early motivation.

1 January – Submissions open; theme revealed.

15 February – Video submission deadline. Submissions form is closed.

Week of 15 February – Videos become downloadable for contestants. Category submission form opens.
It is a range to give the coordinator time to finalize/certify submissions, give everyone the proper discord roles, etc. Generally speaking, everything should be available no later than 17 February.
The form for submitting initial categories opens as soon as the videos become available to download. The deadline for submitting initial categories is 20 February.
The form contains a list of “default” categories you can choose to include in the contest as well as text fields to submit your own custom categories. It is also the form to submit different names for the “Best Overall Video” category.

20 February – Deadline for the submission of initial categories.

21 – 22 February – Category finalization voting form opens.
All submitted categories are collected and repeats discarded. Contestants now vote again on the final categories, as there is a hard limit of 5 (not including best and theme categories).
They also vote on the potential names for the “Best Overall Video” category.

24 February – Deadline for category finalization form submissions.

24 – 25 February – Video nomination form opens. Nominate the finalists for each category.
Final categories are released/decided. Contestants vote for the finalists for each category. They also vote for which category should receive the Wild Prize money.
Finally, they choose all videos that could fit into the themed category. For this category only, the coordinator chooses the winner from the resulting video nominations. This is the only time the RICE coordinator affects voting results.

27 February – Deadline for video nomination form submissions.

27 – 28 February – Finalists form opens.
This form takes the top 4 most voted videos for each category and displays them for contestants to vote for the winner of these categories.

2 – 3 March – Deadline for finalists form submissions.

5 March – Winners announced!
All winning videos are announced. The Wild Prize category is revealed. Editors can choose to identify themselves and their videos at this time. The contest is finally over! 🙂

The submission form opens at 12:00am EST (05:00 UTC) January 1, 2021.
All submissions must be received by 12:00pm EST (17:00 UTC) on February 15, 2021.

Submit to RICE

If you have any questions, please DM Vars#3616 on Discord.