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AMV Sashimi

We are a Discord server focused on video editing discussion & self-improvement, with emphasis on understanding how/why techniques work the way they do. While we have a bias toward anime music videos (AMVs), we welcome any and all people who edit any sort of fan-made music video, which includes those who label themselves as vidders and/or don’t use anime sources.

  • Closely moderated
  • Casual chat channels
  • Critique request / beta testing
  • Member-run server events
  • Many members have been editing since the early 2000s

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Educational focus


Make and share your pre-formatted advice with BetterNotes


In-depth feedback in #vid-critique


Run your own events in custom channels

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1. Don’t be a jerk.

No hate speech, harassment or encouragement of harassment or harm (which includes self-harm), intentional misgendering, racial epithets (including the ‘soft a’), & no suicidal encouragement, even in jest.
This also means you cannot say “I want to die” & similar jokes aimed at yourself.

Only give critique when it’s asked for.

When giving critique, don’t insult people.
Critique is constructive criticism that users have the ability to change. “Your vid sucks” is not critique.

Nobody’s editing is “wrong.”

Just because someone doesn’t edit the way you would, does not mean they are “wrong.” __Nobody’s editing is “wrong.”__
AMVs are art; people express themselves in different ways. Give feedback that is appropriate for what that particular editor’s goals for the video are.
If you don’t know what kind of feedback someone is looking for, *ask them.*
Likewise, don’t insult the person giving you critique.

Suggested reading: How to give and receive critique well.
(this is geared toward design but it applies to everything, including editing)

If Staff asks you to stop doing something, stop doing it.

We are a very closely moderated server. We do ban people. There are plenty of other AMV servers out there if you don’t like our approach.

Feel free to DM any staff if you want to report someone or have concerns about a particular user.

2. NSFW content is banned.

We are a Safe For Work server.
If you have to ask “Is this NSFW?” it probably is. Don’t post it.

3. Do not link to piracy sites.

We endorse obtaining software & footage through legal means, which usually involves buying the media in disc format & ripping it. We don’t link other methods here.
You can talk about it, just don’t make any clickable links.

4. This server promotes discussion & community engagement.

We want to talk about editing, share ideas, & help improve our skills & techniques. If you’re only here to post a link & leave, this server is not for you.

5. No self-promotion.

You can share individual videos you made in #vid-share and you can link channels if they come up naturally in conversation or someone asks for it, but this server is not here to grow your subscriber base and unprompted self-promo linking will get you banned.
Instead, we heartily encourage you to link your youtube channel to your discord profile. Go to User Settings -> Connections.

6. Give a warning about flashes in videos when you post them.

Some of our regulars get seizures from flashes. We have decided to be an accessible server for those for photosensitivities.
Flash warnings are required on all videos posted; other common photosensitive risk warnings are heavily encouraged, but optional.
Try to avoid very flashy GIFs as well – or put them in spoilers.
See our VPR page for more info.

7. Once you’re in the Discord server, react to this message in #rules-and-info with the ☑️ emoji to become verified.

You can give yourself more optional #roles but if you don’t use ☑️ on this post, you will be stuck in #help-faq and unable to post anything.
Once you react to this post, you will become a verified member automatically.


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